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About Us

Sparklz Dental Centre is equipped with the state of the art equipment which allow for high quality treatment and minimum pain as result of using equipment such as single tooth anaesthesia (STA).

At Sparklz Dental Centre, knowledge is power as we empower you with oral education to enable you to team up with us and work towards improving your oral health. 

Meet the Team

Dr Bonang Morejele-Doku (Resident Dentist)

Dental Therapy - University of Botswana, BDS - Wits
Sparklz Dental Centre - Dr Doku Bonang (Resident Dentist-Owner)

Dr Bonang Morojele-Doku is the resident dentist at Sparklz and she strives to offer her patients with comprehensive treatment. This includes thorough examination of the patients and education which enables them to make informed decision in terms of proposed treatment. I have special interest in Prosthetics, Aesthetic Dentistry and Smile Design

Dr Mthobeli Vundla (Orthodontist)

BChD - UWC, PDD - UWC, Mdent - Wits

Sparklz Dental Centre - Dr Mthobeli Vundla (Orthodontis)

As an orthodontic specialist, I treat and prevent irregularities of teeth.
Growing up, I wanted to be a doctor of some sort (either a medical doctor or dentist) or lawyer.
After matric, I only wanted to do dentistry, although I had a chance to do medicine at the University of Transkei.
My contract as a registrar ended in December, then I had to move to private practice as it was always the plan when I started in January 2013.

I am still involved in academics at the University of Witwatersrand as periodical (working certain hours per month).
We deal with malocclusion (maligned teeth).

The most meaningful and satisfying part of my work is giving people hope and the difference that I make in someone’s life.
Some of the patients have low self-esteem due to crowding, for example. A beautiful smile often contributes to someone’s self-esteem and self-confidence and could contribute toward career advancement. The world we live in is very competitive – a good smile and high self-esteem can give you that edge.

Dr Richard Ntuli (Dentist)

BDS - Wits

Sparklz Dental Centre - Dr Richard Ntuli (Dentist)

In the world of dentistry I am in constant pursuit of greater standards in patients care.  Nothing gives me more joy than improving countless lives through the art and science of dentistry. 

I have a special interest in endodontics, orthodontics and wisdom teeth removal.

Thokozane (Dental Assistant)

Sparklz Dental Centre - Thokozane ( Dental Assistant)

I am a very jovial person who enjoys interacting with people. As a member of the team it gives me pleasure to serve and make our patients feel comfortable and welcomed.

Gugu (Receptionist / Admin)

Sparklz Dental Centre - Gugu (Receptionist-admin)

The best part about working at Sparklz Dental is meeting different people.  The 1st person you will meet is myself, I am compassionate and understanding person.  My genuine friendliness and calm manner will make you feel at home.  Coming to the Dentist can make you a little anxious, we always play wonderful relaxing music to make you feel at ease.

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